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When Jane Came Marching Home,” ELLE, August 2014 (review of Helen Thorpe’s Soldier Girls: The Battles of Three Women at Home and at War)

Southern Songbird,” ELLE, July 2014 (review of Marja Mills’ memoir about her friendship with Harper Lee)

Second (and Third) Thoughts,” ELLE, May 2014 (lead book review of New Yorker staffer Rivka Galchen’s debut story collection, American Innovations)

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An American Tragedy,” ELLE, March 2014 (review of Blake Bailey’s memoir, The Splendid Things We Planned)

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Fashion and Interior Design

It’s the Small Things,” ELLE, January 2015 (interviewed NYC-based interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper for Living feature on finishing touches to personalize your space)

The Party Girls,” ELLE, November 2014 (Living section “friendsgiving” feature on Design*Sponge blogger Grace Bonney and food writer Julia Turshen’s entertaining and decorating style)

Family Ties,” ELLE, October 2014 (Living feature on Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox’s kitchen in the Hamptons — and the Pollans’ new cookbook, The Pollan Family Table)

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Broadcast News,” ELLE, April 2014 (Workbook feature on CNBC reporter Kayla Tausche)

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Personal Finance

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Restaurants/Shopping/City Guides

CityStream DC

Tonight in the City: Oyamel’s Annual Tequila and Mezcal Festival, Pete Yorn at the 9:30 Club, and Founding Farmers’ Viewing Party,” CityStream DC, March 14, 2011

DC In the Know: Stephen Strasburg on Twitter & Other News,” CityStream DC, March 14, 2011

DC In the Know: Chicago Blackhawks Visit President Obama & Other News,” CityStream DC, March 11, 2011

DC In the Know: Lou’s City Bar Opens Tonight in Columbia Heights & Other News,” CityStream DC, March 10, 2011

This Weekend in the City: Improv, Flamenco-inspired Eats & The Temporium’s Last Hurrah,” CityStream DC, March 10, 2011

CitySearch DC


DC’s Best Bar Food: Chicken Fingers” (click here for PDF)

The Mighty Pint (click here and here for PDFs)

Desperados Burgers and Bar  (click here for PDF)

Beau Thai (click here and here for PDFs)

The Looking Glass Lounge (click here and here for PDFs)

Slaviya (click here and here for PDFs)

Kushi Izakaya & Sushi (click here and here for PDFs)

Founding Farmers (click here and here for PDFs)

Sticky Fingers Bakery (click here and here for PDFs)

Tacqueria Distrito Federal (click here and here for PDFs)

Oyamel Cucina Mexicana (click here and here for PDFs)

Oya Restaurant & Lounge (click here and here for PDFs)

Againn (click here and here for PDFs)

The Wonderland Ballroom (click here and here for PDFs)

Commonwealth Gastropub (click here and here for PDFs)


Politics and Prose Bookstore (click here and here for PDFs)

Tabletop (click here and here for PDFs)

Wake Up Little Suzie (click here and here for PDFs)


Paris Air Show 2011: Boeing 747-8i Arrives (preplanning), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Engines (planning/script/voiceover), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Green Technology (planning/script/voiceover), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Combat Weapons (planning/script/voiceover), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Dassault Rafale (planning/script/voiceover), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Superjet SJ100 (planning/script/voiceover), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Eurocopter X3 (script/voiceover), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Commercial Airplanes (script/voiceover), June 2011

Paris Air Show 2011: Beriev Be-200 (script/voiceover), June 2011

Aviation Business Reporting

Focus on Fuel Savings,” Overhaul & Maintenance, March 2012

Widening Widebody Work,” Overhaul & Maintenance, January 2012

Middle East MRO Momentum,” Overhaul & Maintenance,  November 2011

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“PIA Engineering/PKMRO: Salim Sayani,” Overhaul & Maintenance, March 2011

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“Human Factors: Global Approach to Safety,” Overhaul & Maintenance, May 2008

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“Human Factors: Plan, Do, Check, Act,” Overhaul & Maintenance, April 2008

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“Technical Innovation: Wing Mod Designed to Reduce Fuel Burn, Emissions,” Overhaul & Maintenance, November 2007

“Technical Innovation: Elsyca Provides Tooling Design Software for Precise Coating,” Overhaul & Maintenance, October 2007


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