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Ghost Hunting and Island Hopping

I’m getting ready for a Caribbean vacation (!!), inspired in part by a piece I researched for Refinery29 this week. Unfortunately, we’re not going to any of the places I picked out, although Sayulita, Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta, is at the top of my list for next time.

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For anyone else lucky enough to get a spring break, I really recommend Hannah Nordhaus’ debut, American Ghost. In it, she hunts down the truth behind her family’s own ghost story. They’ve long heard stories about her great-great-grandmother haunting the Santa Fe hotel that once was her home. She travels from New Mexico to Florida to Germany; along the way we learn the history behind everything from Victorian tourism (aka “the water cure”) to spiritualism. All the while, Nordhaus consults psychics and mediums as she gets closer and closer to the truth — like, really close, by the end. It’s almost a thriller, but better, because it’s all true.

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