Gifts That Keep Giving

On the set for a recent ELLE photo shoot, I met the incredible Chrissy Beckles, a former boxing champion who now runs one of the most heartwarming charities I’ve heard of in a very long time. (The New York Times has this excellent profile of her diverse career.) Beckles founded the Sato Project to rescue Puerto Rican stray dogs (sato is Puerto Rican slang for “mongrel”) and find them new homes.

I was especially pleased that Hope, the very sweet (and very soft) Sato Project rescue pup owned by Design*Sponge blogger Grace Bonney and food writer Julia Turshen made an appearance in the photos that ran with my November 2014 Living story.

Screen shot 2014-11-05 at 6.27.30 PM

Click here to read the full story (and get all of Grace’s and Julia’s design and entertaining tips).

We gave my mom a puppy for Christmas six years ago, and now it’s hard to imagine my parents’ house without Harry the Yorkshire terrier. If there’s someone in your life who wants and needs (needs!) a dog, be sure to keep great organizations like the Sato Project in mind when checking off your gift list.


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