City skylines…and cocktails

My take on several U.S. hotels’ in-room cocktail programs is up today on The Daily Beast’s Travel page:

It’s a trend people looking forward to the upcoming Baz Luhrmann remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald classic will appreciate. Here’s an excerpt:

Recall that scene in The Great Gatsby when Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, and Nick Carraway drive into the city on a whim, only to pass an oppressively hot afternoon in the parlor of a suite at the Plaza—“a place to have a mint julep,” Daisy suggests. Tom unrolls a bottle of whisky from a towel and opens it. Just as he’s pressing Gatsby for the truth about his being “an Oxford man,” a waiter arrives with crushed mint and fresh ice. Bursts of jazz rise from a ballroom wedding downstairs, and Central Park breezes blow in through the windows Daisy has thrown open.


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